About Leda

Leda Story from Redu Media on Vimeo.

Being born in NYC, Leda at 11, worked flipping burgers without getting paid. Her childhood struggles have made her the successful businessperson she is today. After moving to NC she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications at William Peace College. She attributes her success on TikTok to the communications program and classes she attended.

Being a Master Colorist, Leda Fazal is well-versed with hair coloring and how to get natural beautiful-looking hair. In her TikTok videos she is known for using test hair strips to show the right amount of lightener and developer to help stylists and clients set realistic lift expectations.

Her videos are followed by stylists who are requesting she produce longer educational videos as well as the general public who enjoy her funny skits of the day in the life of a salon owner and stylist. She is working with brands like L’Oréal, Sally Beauty, Conair, etc. and being invited to speak at fashion and beauty events for 2022.

Leda is very active on social media such as Instagram and Facebook, and video socialization platforms of TikTok and YouTube.